Tuesday, September 11, 2007

This is My Priesthood

It is praying until I feel enough of the love of God that I will have something to share with others.

It is refusing to judge others, no matter how unkind they are, and not letting their judgments ruffle my inmost calm.

It is being willing to wait for the work of God to accomplish itself in my life in its own time.

It is spending more time at the local homeless shelter when volunteers are needed to serve meals or host overnight.

It is not getting bent out of shape when someone says or implies that I am a bad person.

It is preferring to let others have the last word, rather than poison our relationship with bitterness or contention.

It is letting others think what they want to think, and figure things out on their own.

It is trusting that the Spirit is at work without having to fix everything myself.

It is leaping to the defense of others before I leap to my own defense.

It is being willing to serve in whatever way others are willing to use me.

It is going where I need to go, even when it is frightening.

It is doing what I need to do, even when my heart is broken.

It is being broken-hearted enough to learn what I need to learn.

It is offering my service, even when my service will be rejected.

It is being cheerful, even when others are agitated, rude, or frightened.

It is reminding those who feel unloved that they are loved.

It is performing even unpleasant tasks thoroughly and without complaint.

It is never taking my loved ones for granted.

It is praying more for others than for myself.

It is enjoying the gifts of God with thanksgiving.

It is giving more money to help the poor.

It is discerning that which is beneath the surface.

It is making myself an instrument of peace.

It is holding sacred that which is sacred.

It is actively seeking greater light and understanding.

It is doing these things without being noticed.

It is listening in the quiet.

It is putting on Christ.

When I have mastered this, my Heavenly Father will grant me greater priesthoods.


GeckoMan said...

John, thank you for your 'list.' I would like to print this out and share it with my Priest's Quorum, minus the source reference, if that's okay with you.

You list the attributes of a true disciple of Christ. The authority of LDS Priesthood may operate by ordination, but we know by means of D&C 121 that the Lord's power is largely effective only insofar as these characteristics are internalized and practiced.

J G-W said...

Please, feel free to use it as you wish. With or without the source reference is fine with me!

What this list means to me personally is that I must prepare. I cannot hold the priesthood today, but I can prepare myself so that if someday I am able to receive it, I will be ready; so that if I receive it I will have the attributes I need to use it effectively.

Today, my priesthood is preparation.

Beck said...

Very beautiful!

Not to just restate the obvious, but... Aren't we ALL (even current priesthood holders) in a preparatory mode?

J G-W said...

Beck - If any of the principles taught us by the Prophet Joseph about the eternities are true, then I would have to agree with you.

If I think too much on the idea that I cannot have the priesthood right now, I start to feel desperate and dejected.

But when I remember that no matter where we are in life, no matter what our circumstances, we have a stewardship which it is our privilege to improve, then I feel hopeful and grateful. So I want to focus on that.