Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Best Brother in the World

This week, Göran and I head out west, to be with my little brother for his wedding in Springville, Utah.

His fiancée Becky is not LDS, and they are not marrying in the temple. Becky is beautiful and bright and amazing in every way. I would be equally happy for them and equally proud of my brother no matter where they married. If they were marrying in the temple, I would gladly wait outside for them, to celebrate after the ceremony. But I am also glad that I will be able to attend the ceremony itself, and am delighted and proud that he has asked me and Göran to be among his groomsmen.

But what he posted about us on his blog actually made me cry... Read it, and see if you don't agree that I have the best little brother in the world.

(P.S. "Jukka" is me. Ever since I've been little, my family has known me by my Finnish name.)

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Abelard Enigma said...

Yes, I agree, you have the best little brother in the world!