Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mormon Expressions Interview with Steven Fehr

Listen to this podcast.

Steven, this was a beautiful interview, with a beautiful testimony, and some fantastic insights. Thank you!


Anonymous said...

Thank you, John, for including the link to this podcast. I very much enjoyed it. I also was able to find the article in the Salt Lake Tribune that was referenced in the podcast. I enjoyed reading it, also.

Love and respect, always. Duck/slp

J G-W said...

Thanks, Duck! Yes, the interview was pretty amazing.

Miguel said...

I have to confess to being very skeptic when I would read your blog and read about still attending church and all, similar to Steven's experience. After listening to the podcast I have to admit that it gives me a new light on how could something like this happen to people and have nothing but respect for you and him. It is nice to know that an old dog like me can learn new things, eh?

J G-W said...

Hey, Miguel, thanks!

This old dog is still learning plenty of tricks all the time! :)