Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Hearts of the Children

Every day is a new opportunity to forget.

To forget what God has done for you. To forget the promises you have made. To forget the promises that have been made to you.

It is especially easy to forget, when you've barely turned on your computer at work, and some attorney is in your face, announcing that there are eight new filings that need to be done today. It's easy to forget, when you start working on the first filing, and you realize that half the items needed to complete it are missing, and the attorney's suddenly gone and can't be reached. It's easy to forget, when, along the way, the printer breaks and starts spewing big black spots all over the 250-page document you're trying to print, and then you get the printer fixed and start printing it over again, and then you realize that you forgot to add the priority paragraph to the first page, and so everything's wrong and you need to start all over again. And before you know it, it's noon and you haven't finished the first filing yet.

If life is a beach, work can sometimes be the riptide that pulls you away from shore, and threatens to carry you out to sea. If you want to survive, you can't let yourself get caught in the negativity. Let each frustration become a reminder that the purpose of work is to help you learn patience, humility and love. To help you master the foundational principles of creation.

Every day may be a process of remembering.

Remember who you are. Remember the promises made to the fathers. Remember the love and pride of your parents. Remember what's brought you to this point, the witnesses of the Holy Spirit, the promises you've made. Remember the love that makes it all worth while.

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