Monday, October 11, 2010

Riots in Salt Lake?

A well-meaning brother, someone I just love, in his testimony yesterday mentioned "riots" in Salt Lake because of people's "opposition to the teachings of the prophets."

I guessed he was referring to the recent quiet, lawful protests of gay rights activists in response to Boyd K. Packer's remarks. The protesters specifically expressed concern that telling people a condition over which they have no control is sinful contributes to depression and suicide, especially among youth.

I've not hesitated to criticize gay rights protesters when they've crossed the line from protesting homophobia to expressing anti-Mormon hate. But the news accounts I've seen of the recent protests in Salt Lake don't suggest that that line was crossed...

Anybody aware of anything different?


Holly said...

I was at the protest, and it was REALLY quiet. Church authorities didn't even bother to lock the gates to Temple Square, the way they did for the 2008 protest after Prop 8 passed, which I also attended. Protesters who needed to use the restrooms were allowed to--I know, 'cause I did it. The police were totally calm, and joked and chatted with protesters. And when the protest was over, everyone got up off the concrete and went home.

I haven't been involved in that many protests--fewer than a dozen--but of all the protests I've ever been to, this was, without doubt, the least riotous of them all.

I wrote about my experience here:

Furthermore, it's been really quiet in SLC all weekend--haven't noticed any riots anywhere downtown, and I live downtown.

I just checked the SL Tribune, and there is no mention of any riot.

I would chalk the use of the term up to hyperbole and/or ignorance.

J G-W said...

Thanks for the help with the fact-checking, Holly.

If anybody in my ward mentions "riots" again, I'll be sure to (lovingly) correct them. (And hope fellow ward members who read my blog will do the same.)

Sean said...

Well if it wasn't a "riot" then the church and some of the easily offended members can't claim quite so quickly that "they gays are persecuting the church and prophets."

playasinmar said...

Riots? Please.

Rube Mormon is a rube.

Anonymous said...

A little late for a post- but I was at the, well for lack of a better word, protest. It was not even a protest- which I've done- but it was VERY respectful and quiet.