Friday, August 28, 2009

Get Linked

Recently, our Stake Employment Specialist paid a visit to our ward. He presented to a joint session of High Priests and Elders. I figured this was a sign of the times. With unemployment higher right now than it has been for many years, members of our ward and stake are surely being affected like everyone else. So the calling of Stake Employment Specialist is probably more important right now than ever.

I wasn't sure what Brother Nebeker would have to say. I wondered how spiritual his presentation would be. But I'd have to say it was one of the more edifying lessons we have ever had.

He spoke about the importance of relationships, about the importance of connecting with each other, knowing each others' strengths, and using our connections and our knowledge to help each other. He spoke about "networking" as a high form of service, as something we do in order to be more useful to those around us in need. We are stewards of our relationships and our knowledge, as much as we are stewards of any other material or spiritual goods. When Bro. Nebeker described networking as something we do not for ourselves alone but for others, something clicked for me.

He also spoke about the importance of using our Church networks not only to help other Church members, but to help our non-Mormon friends as well.

This is Mormonism at its best.

I'd never heard any Church leader encourage members to join a secular, on-line networking community. But our Stake Employment Specialist encouraged every single one of us to join "LinkedIn," an on-line, professional networking forum. This was something concrete each of us could do to work together, and to face the current economic crisis with courage and compassion.

Somehow I didn't get around to actually following his advice until a friend of mine who recently lost her job called me and encouraged me to join LinkedIn with her.

Some of you have already received LinkedIn requests from me. I welcome the rest of you to join the network as well. Here's the link to the LinkedIn home page, and here's the link to my public profile. Log on, put together a profile, and get linked!


Evan said...

I actually just joined, due to my recent realization that I will be on the job hunt!

I am still pretty new to it, but it seems like LinkedIn could be an extremely useful resource.

Bravone said...

Great idea John!

Alan said...

I've been on LinkedIn for years, it is one of the leading business networking tools out there.