Friday, November 16, 2007

MoHo World War II Flying Aces

I had a very interesting dream back in September.

In this dream, all of the MoHo bloggers were World War II fighter pilots. You were all there... -L-, Beck, Abelard, Geckoman, Chedner, Elbow, Tito, Forester, Mohohawaii, everybody. We were all flying these various missions both in the European theater and on the Pacific.

In my dream, at first I figured we would be doing various bombing runs, to bomb Axis oil fields and factories. But when we got our orders, we were told that we must at all costs protect German, Italian, and Japanese wheat fields. As soon as we got the orders, we understood why. Once the war was over, our enemies needed to eat. We were fighting a war not to destroy, but to save lives.

I woke up with the most incredible feeling of peace. I realized that this is what I want for us in real life too. We are all involved in our individual struggles. We each have our own idea of what we need to do in order to be individually happy, and we are going about that in the best way we know how. But I hope and pray for there to be some kind of unity too, some kind of sacred brotherhood, some sense that we each are rooting for the others, some shared sense that what we must all be about is protecting and fostering life.

So I keep each of you in my prayers. I read your blogs carefully, and I try to get some sense of what you are struggling for, what you want, what will make you happy. And I am praying for you to achieve that. I hope you will pray for me in the same way.


-L- said...

I was just testing out the new search feature from Blogger's new bag of goodies (searches all blogs your blog links to), and I found this post. I don't think I read it back when you wrote it. But it is really beautiful and very appropriate for me tonight. Thanks months later for being inspired. :-)

J G-W said...

Thanks, L. I'm glad we could share the inspiration... That was kind of the point of the dream, I think.